Product Photographer

Editing Our Product Photography

We hand process each and every photo before the proofing stage, this allows you to make a more informed decision as to what photos should go to the next editing stage.

Providing you with great photography isn't good enough, we follow through with photo editing including color correction, background clipping and photo manipulation.

Hover over or tap photo below and see the cleanup.

This is an example of medical equipment being photographed at the clients factory and removing the unwanted background in post.  Image background needs to be pure white to be used on a pure white web page or print media. The background will need to be clipped out and replaced with pure white or be transparent so it can be placed in an environmental setting.

Same thing with the photo below except everything behind the front chain suspending the engine had to be re-created after the chain was cut from the photo.

If you are already working with a graphic design company, we can work directly with them to be sure they get exactly what they need to make your project a success.

If you are a design or advertising firm we can work seamlessly in the background while you work directly with your client.

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