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Unlike the basic product photo shot on white background and photographed in a high volume setting to keep cost down; the artistic product photo is used for product advertising.  It is an individual photo shoot for a single product that can take several hours to several days to complete, and possibly be photographed in an exotic location.

The cost can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars depending on your budget and requirements.  Typically a product shoot of this caliber would be for a major advertising campaign for print or television and also be utilized on the web.

It is important that you convey your utilization of the photography along with your budget requirements so we may tailor the product shoot to your needs.  The last thing we want to do is quote you a price that in inappropriate for your requirements or budget.

Maximize your impact on the market by having us record your product photo shoot as a behind the scenes HD Video and display it within your social media campaign.

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